The Exhibition

he online exhibition Arriving: Life after Forced Migration is based on two exhibition projects that were presented at the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum in 2012 and 2017–19. Both exhibitions were developed in collaboration with the Marienfelder Allee temporary housing facility/Internationaler Bund, which is located right next-door to the museum on the grounds of the former refugee center for those fleeing East Germany.

The exhibitions focused on an Iranian man and a Chechen, a Syrian, and an Afghan family, all of whom fled to Germany in 2011–12. After fleeing, they all lived for an interim period in the temporary housing facility. Based on their personal stories, the exhibitions informed visitors about asylum law and Germany’s reception practice. In addition, they directed attention to the heterogeneous host society and asked questions about how politics, media, and society respond to the protection of refugees and immigration.

After the escape. How we want to live ”in the Marienfelde emergency reception center memorial, 2017-2019

The online exhibition builds upon its precursors. It continues the (hi)stories of arriving in Germany, at the same time inviting everyone to reflect on their own ideas and attitudes—because if we engage in a discussion about living together in a democratic, pluralistic society, then every one of us must ask themselves: How do I feel about forced migration? What is my understanding of law and justice? How do I envision an open society? What do I think is important for social peace and cohesion in a society?

We wish you an informative and stimulating tour through the exhibition.