A more just world lies in our hands

Have you had doubts about the world lately? There are a lot of reasons to have some. But there are also good reasons why you shouldn’t despair. The world we live in was made by human beings — and tomorrow’s world lies in our hands.

What are the causes of political persecution, violence, war, hatred, discrimination, natural disasters, and poverty? What can we do to fight them? Are we ourselves prepared to take action to make the world more just?
We think that all of us should take responsibility for our own lives, but also for society. A better world is possible.

Do you also want to shape a better world?

Then let us invite you to the TWORLD: Tomorrow’s world, a Twin world, or a Twixt & Tween world — everything is possible here! The TWORLD offers space for your creativity and (utopian) ideas, which you can design in your own digital book. By playfully reflecting on a more just world, together we can sound out what room we actually have for maneuvering, designing, and acting, right here and now!

For more information about the workshop (in German), go to: stiftung-berliner-mauer.de/en/marienfelde-refugee-center/visit/programs